Awesome Outdoor Group Games

Looking for awesome outdoor group games? We have a plethora of youth group games that can be played with large groups of all ages. Traditional games such as Dodge and Capture the Flag are favourites with youth on school camps. However, there are many less known, awesome outdoor games that can be played.

Outdoor Youth Group Games

Top 5 Outdoor Youth Group Games

1. Narnia

Two teams, the White Witch Team and Aslan’s Team face off to release their leader from the opposing team’s dungeon.  The aim is to deliver three keys that open the dungeon. The armies must do so without getting caught.

2. Treasure

Two teams separated by a line. Each team has a treasure chest with three pieces of gold in it. They must defend their treasure, whilst stealing the gold from the other team. Players captured go to jail, and await a rescuer to break them out. The team to get all the treasure wins the game!

3. End Zone

Two teams, each with a ball, muster up an attack on their opponent’s defence. The aim is for a team to get a touchdown in the end zone. Players wear tags. Players can pass the ball, avoiding being stripped of their tag. Any player stripped of their tag, remain active in the game, but must remain stationary.

4. Hero

Can be played with two or three teams. Create a long Narrow field. The first team lines up. Players run, one at a time, down the field aiming to get to the other end. The other teams, throw gator skin balls at them from the boundary lines. If hit, the player must sit and wait to be rescued by a following player (the Hero). The aim is to stop the ‘Hero’ team from getting to the other end. Check out Wacki App’s short video of Hero here.

Star Wars outdoor youth group game

5. Star Wars

This is a crazy gator skin ball dodge ball group game. Two teams face off each other, each in their own zone. Teams select a 2 players to be secret Jedis (who have special powers to save people). Players throw gator balls at opponents. If hit they must sit and wait to be rescued by a Jedi. If a Jedi gets hit, then he/she loses their special powers to save people. The aim is to knock out everyone in the opposing team.


Check out some of the articles on Large Group Outdoor Games and Team Building Games.

To learn more about these outdoor group games, and how to play them then check out Wacki App. Short instructional videos on over 70 awesome youth group games. Perfect for youth group camps, schools and birthday parties group games. We are constantly striving to add interesting and varied new games to Wacki.

Top 10 Tips to Running Outdoor Group Games

You’ve picked out a great group game, checked out its rules, picked a great spot to play and found some equipment to use. All you need now are the enthusiastic kids!  What possibly could go wrong? Hopefully nothing will go wrong! However, to ensure all is smooth sailing for your youth group, check out our article on top ten youth group games tips.

Tic Tic Boom! Fun Tag Game


Are you looking for a fun tag game to energize your team? This game has got to be one of my favorites! It is fast, energetic and easy to set up with very little equipment required.

Tic Tic Boom is guaranteed to wear your group out! It requires lots of energy to keep up the pace. A perfect game to build fitness and endurance. A great outdoor game for youth camps.

Large Group Outdoor Games

Running Youth Group Games Successfully

Having groups of 100 or more presents challenges with finding a suitable group game that can be played easily, and at the same time, engage all players.

Here are a few outdoor large group games that are definite winners with kids of all ages. Secret Hunter, Capture the Flag, Every Body’s It and Treasure. Read on to learn more.


Team Building Games

Sculptor, a fun team building game

Every year, as the school Physical Education teacher, I would run a whole school ‘Tribes’ Team Building Day. All the students would be divided into groups of ten, then they would be pit against one another with tribal or warrior challenges. Teams would be awarded points for completing or winning a team challenge.

Here are some of the team building games for kids that I’ve used and have proven to be awesome fun! Read on to learn more.


Food and Water

camp group games

Here’s a fun, super simple outdoor game you may like to try today. Food and Water is a hide-n-seek type of game. Players race to steal their food and water, and then hide before time runs out!

Once the kids learn this game, they will play it themselves for hours. Check out Wacki App’s short demo video here.


Best Group Games for Kids’ Parties

Best Group Games for Kids' Parties

These kids group party games worked perfectly for the outdoor venue we had, and for the size group we had. There are many more games that would work just as well.

Here is a list of some of my best group games for kids’ parties. Read on to see the party games we ran for Akaisha’s Birthday

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