Indoor Group Games

Indoor Group Games

Awesome indoor group games to keep the teacher (and kids) happy! School teachers are challenged to keep students motivated. One way to break up lessons and energize the kids is through short indoor games that get the kids up and out of their seats. These games can be run at youth group camps, Christian youth groups, birthday parties and used as corporate group games.

There are a range of different indoor group games that can be played. Some require equipment and require time to play, others are very simple group games, needing only five minutes.

Indoor games can be categorized into educational games, ice breakers or energizers, team building games and circle games. As a school teacher, and dad to five kids, I have fine-tuned my list of indoor group games to only the very best. All the games I know and have tested in my classroom numerous times are on the Wacki App. Use the Wacki app filter to select the type of game you are seeking, watch the short instruction video, then play the game. Just Watch, Learn then Play! There are dozens to choose from!

In the following articles I share some of my very best picks for indoor group games. Read on and check them out.

Indoor youth group games

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Top Ten Tips to Running Youth Group Games Successfully!

Tip: Killing the game whilst the kids are still having great fun ensures that they will want to play it again and again. Consider this to be reverse psychology. The kids won’t want to stop! What it will do is guarantee that they will be super excited to play the game when you next meet. They’ll also talk about how awesome it was days afterwards.

Are you new to running group games? Check out our other top nine tips here.

Two Fun Indoor Youth Group Games You Can Play Today!


Everyone loves Hide n Seek! Huckleberry is similar type of game that is great fun and super quick! Perfect to play when kids enter the classroom from a recess break. Wacki App has a great short video that demonstrates how to play Huckleberry.


Sculptor is a creative game requiring leadership and team work. Everyone is involved and everyone is a winner! Wacki App’s demo video of Sculptor here.

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