Large Group Games for the Outdoors

Having groups of 100 or more presents challenges with finding a suitable group game that can be played easily, and at the same time, engage all players. Here are a few outdoor large group games that are definite winners with kids of all ages.

Secret Hunter

A large group game similar to Gang Up Chasey. A Secret Hunter is selected. Everyone runs off, and if they like, can hide. The Secret Hunter will hunt (tag) players. These players then join the Secret Hunter’s team and become Hunters. More and more Hunters band together seeking out players. The last player tagged wins the game! Perfect for big open spaces where kids can run. Guaranteed to wear them out!

Capture the Flag

For very large groups play this one with four teams. Each team has an area to defend and an ‘no go zone’ to place their flag (this can be a ball in a circle- 3 metre diameter). Each team also has a jail for holding their captures. The aim of the game is to capture all four flags. If players get tagged whilst in another team’s area they must go to that team’s jail. Only a player from their own team can rescue them from jail. This is an action strategy large group game where everyone is involved. Also a great night group game that kids would enjoy playing on a youth camp. When I was a teenager we played Capture the Flag at night in sand-dunes in the bush with just two teams! The guys manning the base would have torches.

Everybody’s It

 A very simple large group game that is perfect as a warm up. Everybody runs around tagging one another. If tagged, the player stands still with their arms out in a ‘tree pose’. Active players can also save other players by ducking under a tagged player’s outstretched arm. The game has not end, just lots of energized kids!

Large Group Games Capture the Flag


This one is a favourite of mine! The kids love the game and they will play until they drop. The aim is to steal all the ‘treasure’ from the other team. Two teams, each with their own zone. In each zone there is a circle (about 2-3m diameter). Place three pieces of treasure in each circle (use anything- shoes, gator balls, coconuts). Each zone also has a jail and a safe base (use a hoola-hoop for these or a mat). Teams wear team colours. Allow players time to meet to discuss strategy, then start the game. Players must defend their treasure and at the same time try to steal the treasure from the other team. If caught they are put in jail. To be rescued from jail, a member from their team must get to the jail and link arms with their captured team mate. They can then walk them safely back to their team zone. Players can also use the safe base as a vantage point to get closer to the treasure. This is an action packed exciting Large group game for the outdoors.

The key to running successful large group games is having all players fully engaged in the game and not standing around.

Check out Wacki’s collection of outdoor large group games HERE.

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